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What Kind Of Boyfriend Are You Quiz. Hook Up With Ex!

Quiz! What Kind of BF Are You?

29 Jan Are you a total scrub or a total catch?.

There are many types of boyfriends Some girls want to avoid, some girls adore and dream for. The true princes in shining armor are very hard to find though, most are just immature little boys in tinfoil What type of boyfriend are you or is your boyfriend? Use this quiz to find out why girls love or avoid you, and also find out. 13 Dec You take her out to her favorite resturaunt, buy her flowers and then at the very end pull out a box wrapped in pretty pink paper and inside theres a stuffed teddy bear and a box of chocolates. B. You buy her a teddy bear and say happy birthday when she wakes up, later you go see a movie you chose. C. Don't date the duds! Take our quiz to guide you to the perfect boyfriend. Take the quiz.