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Brie Gatchalian is a freelance writer based in Montclair, NJ. When she's not writing about fashion and beauty, she researches topics related to relationships and mulls over her own love life. She'll be the first to admit she doesn't hav We probably don't have to tell you this, but going through a breakup is pretty much the worst experience you can have in life.

But before you hunker down with a bottle or five of wine and resign yourself to never loving again, we've got a solution. A whole grip of them, actually. You'll probably still want to hunker down with that wine, though. From funny to inspirational and back to enlightening, we've come up with a list of our favorite breakup movies. We promise they'll help. We're mesmerized with anything that has Jessica Williams in it, and this flick is no exception.

Chris O'Dowd plays her new love interest Illness, heartache, familial strife A single career woman begs a co-worker to pose as her boyfriend when she returns home for a wedding. It's definitely a story we've heard before hello, The Wedding Date with Debra Messing and My Best Friend's Wedding are like two of our favorite movies everbut this film still feels fresh.

After getting dumped by Free Big Tit Lesbian Video best man, Anna Kendrick gets kicked out of the bridal party and unceremoniously banished to the loser table at a friend's wedding. But when Lisa Kudrow, Craig Robinson and Stephen Merchant are sitting with you, it's not such a bad thing, if you ask us. Is there anything more optimistic than young love? In this sweet film, a chronically ill teen who can't leave her own home falls in love with the boy next door, even though she's not allowed to have any physical contact with him.

We don't need no stinkin' love. We just need to watch Charlize Theron kick ass and take names, thank you very much. Every now and again, life bites you in the ass. But if Annie can stop slapping herself and fight for her shitty life, so can you. If this movie doesn't give you the warm fuzzies, we don't know what will.

Plus, just looking at Emma Watson is an instant mood-lifter. The hurdles that Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson had to overcome in the '60s will make your problems seem minuscule. This movie will make you want to fight, fight, fight. Sure, it's a movie about kids, but Vada Sultenfuss went through some real loss in her short life, but still, she persevered. In this gem, Jenny McCarthy's Rebecca goes down a total shame spiral after finding Free Gay Movies Iphone man in bed with someone else.

This movie is completely dirty but will have you laughing your ass off — despite your misery. Yes, it may sound cliche, but The Notebook is a quintessential love story that will give even the most jaded of souls a little hope — not to mention an amazing excuse to cry your frickin' eyes out as if you needed one.

Laugh your butt off and learn to how to navigate the waters of singledom again at the same time. Elle Woods rallied after Warner dumped her, got through Harvard Law, and won the case of the century. If she took on the world and won after her breakup, then gosh darn it, so can we. Plus, it's proven to be therapeutic to recreate the scene where she's laying in bed crying and throws a box of chocolates at her TV while screaming "liar.

You might just realize you're like Cameron Diaz in this movie. Maybe you do sabotage good relationships and find things wrong with guys you date because you're a bit of a commitmentphobe?

Regardless, this fun chick flick will clue you into one thing: For the right guy, you'll open up and keep from ruining a good thing. When one door closes, another opens. That's a good mantra to have after a sad end to what you thought was a good relationship.

As hard as it is to believe, you have to know you're on a path that will eventually lead to something better. In this Gwyneth Paltrow love story, you'll see how even the slightest change will reroute your heart. But at the end of the day, you'll be right where you belong. Chances are this ex-boyfriend of yours isn't "the one.

In the movie, two star-crossed lovers misplace each other. Their love child, an orphan, brings them back together like some kind of miracle. After a breakup, watching people more messed up than you — with even more horrific relationships — can be oddly soothing. Trust me, the last scene will make you realize that walking away from a bad situation was the best thing you've ever done. Where would you be without your girlfriends? There's nothing like talking with your lady pals after a breakup.

They really get you through tough times, don't they? Our BFFs are our rocks, and when men treat us less than fab, it's our pals who nurse us back to health.

But if you Films To Watch After A Breakup this film, your faith in romance will be restored. Rough situations like breakups can derail our mental states.

She grew up a little on the strange side. Her father thought she had a heart Films To Watch After A Breakup, so as a little girl, she rarely had contact with other people.

She finally settles into a life as a waitress in Paris. Partly due to her unusual upbringing, she becomes consumed with the people around her — it's like she worries more about them than she does about herself. Perhaps the reason you and what's-his-face broke up is to make room for that guy who manages to come around at inopportune times. And if he looks anything like Ashton Kutcher and can make you laugh, even better.

Insert this one into the mix for that post-breakup ugly cry you so desperately need. Dumpers and dumpees agree — this is one movie Films To Watch After A Breakup will tug at your heartstrings, pour on the nostalgia and change everything you think you know about love. Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet shine as they try to erase their most painful relationship memories together.

In a quirky indie rom-com that will certainly make you rethink what it means to be friends with an ex, Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg are a comedic match made in heaven.

In the movie, we watch what happens when a couple who married young decide to call it quits on their marriage — but not necessarily on their friendship. Bonus points for drinking wine and crying along to "All by Myself" with a weepy Bridget.

In a self-proclaimed " love story in disorder ," the romantic drama details the beginning, middle and end of the turbulent love affair of Peter and Vandy — told in no particular order. For those who may Films To Watch After A Breakup a hard dose of reality to push past their post-breakup slump, this movie is one of the less bitter pills to swallow.

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Films To Watch After A Breakup. Lets Talk Hookup!

15 Movies to Get You Over Even the Nastiest Breakup

22 Aug Here's the deal, though: As you go through the different stages of a breakup, the movies you're in the mood for will change. Here, we've rounded up our all-time favorite movies to help you through a breakup — no matter what kind of mood you're in. . What movies do you like to watch after a breakup?.

21 Mar '90s Fave: Someone Like You. After an unexpected and brutal breakup, one woman (Ashley Judd) starts looking for answers, and she finds herself garnering national attention as a columnist on the subject. Also, Hugh Jackman shirtless. 30 Nov "The First Wives Club," to remind you that the best revenge is really good revenge. See where you can stream it here. Share On facebook Share · Share On pinterest Share On pinterest Pin · Share On email Email; Share On copy Copy Link. Paramount Pictures. Share On facebook Share · Share On. 9 Jun After a breakup, there is only one option: Order in enough Chinese food for an entire army of people, and binge-watch almost every movie on Netflix. But when it comes to choosing films, there are two options. You can lean into your sadness and watch .