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Amy Laurent Matchmaker Reviews. Date Hookup!

Man Surprised to Find ‘High-End’ Dating Service Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Meeting Max. So, I just met this fabulous new potential client this weekend (as I like to say, “love never sleeps”.. lol) who is a very accomplished businessman and investor. As “Max” and I sat and drank our tea at a lovely café this afternoon discussing dating, people and relationships I soon realized; here is a guy who not.

Amy Laurent calls herself a top celebrity matchmaker - does she live up to the hype? These Amy Laurent reviews will help you decide if she's right for you!. Craigslist, eHarmony, the $2 beer special at Black Bear – when it comes to your dating life, none of them are a match (har) for a real, professional matchmaker. FORCE #1: AMY I meet Amy Laurent at Olives, the W Union Square's dusky lobby bar on a sleeting December evening. Only 31, she's undeniably adorable: a tiny. 5 Feb Amy Laurent. ($10, per year for men, free for women; Just two minutes into our meeting, Amy tells me she has someone in mind for me: a year-old Ben Affleck look-alike, Ivy League--educated banker. Blerg. I explain that I've stereotyped bankers as boring fucks, but Amy tells me to.