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Just To Be The One To Be With You Lyrics. Marital Hookup!

Перевод текста песни Must Be the One исполнителя (группы) She Wants Revenge

Told you I'd give you everything, always stand by your side. Говорил, что сделаю для тебя всё, что угодно,. I'd break all my promises. И всегда буду рядом. If you'd just say we're not done. И я бы нарушил все обещания,. 'cause you must be the one. Если бы ты не сказала однажды, что мы друг другу не подходим.

10 фев Just another chance so that I can show. That I won't let you down and run,. No, I won't let you down and run,. 'Cause I could be the one,. I could be the one,. I could be the one,. I could be the one,. I could be the one. I see in blue,. I see in blue,. I see in blue,. Oh and you see everything in red. There is nothing. Baby I need you to tell me. our dreams will come true. and do you believe in destiny? Cause since you came into my life. I'm not the same child that I used to be. I'm growing up. You're my angel, you're my best friend. We fuss and fight but. when I look into the mirror I. see we are just the same, we are afraid. Love can lift you. I don't mean to involve you in the jungle of Kremlinology, but don't you find it strange that there is no mention in the decree itself or in lead articles in Pravda, Izvestia, and other newspapers of Brezhnev's formulation, of the «new tidal wave. » In the lead article in Pravda on August 5 there is only one quotation from Brezhnev.